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No matter if you already know the mighty ROCKETS or not, if you love the "glam rock" of the 80's and the magic of mixing rock and electronic music, you're in the right place.


We are the Universal Band and, since 2003, we tribute the Rockets, a French space-rock band that was very famous in Europe around 1978 to 1982.


Our show try to reproduce the same live-act that made Rockets so famous with the same sound, the "space" look and the special effects.


During our show we play all the biggest success of Rockets, like: Galactica, On the Road Again, Future Woman, Electric Delight, and so on.


Our show is really a trip in time, back to the magic atmospheres of eighties sounds, the  sci-fi themes of space, robots, aliens with a strong disco-rock sound support.


And now, as some famous Rockets song said:


"The light is green for immediate landing... welcome back on the Martian Way"!


For more informations, please contact us at:
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